As you will quickly see in this short video, learning to ride your INMOTION SCV is easy and takes just a few minutes of practice. It can be as simple as figuring out which way to lean. You see InMotion SCV basically works like the human body.  When walking, you keep your balance by leaning forward when you take a step, and that helps you keep your balance. When you step backwards, your body leans back.

On an INMOTION SCV when you lean forward or back, dynamic gyroscopes and accelerometers sense the direction and amount you lean which tells the motor to power the wheels in that direction.

However it is recommended that you read the User Manual carefully and watch the provided safety video before using your INMOTION SCV the first time. It is also important that you practice riding in a controlled, familiar environment until you are comfortable using your INMOTION SCV. Click here to order your INMOTION SCV now or call us at (844) 220-2144  for more information.