Monster Kart – Red

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Product Description

Time to take your hoverboard to the next level.  The Monster Kart turns your existing hoverboard into an exhilarating Go Kart!  The Monster Kart fits any hoverboard with adjustable foot pad controls and easy to install velcro straps.

Monster Kart takes full advantage of the balancing technology that already exists in your hoverboard to accelerate, brake, turn, and even balance you in a wheelie!
Intuitive hand-operation puts you in full control
Independent rear wheel drive allows Monster Kart to turn on a dime and even drive in reverse!
Quickly and easily attach and detach, leaving your hoverboard untouched
MONSTER KART is fully adjustable and can accommodate riders from 50 lbs up to  and 200 lbs
  • Works with all standard 6.5” 8” 10” wheeled hoverboards
  • Leg length is adjustable for best ride.
  • Quick and easy to install.  A few seconds makes your hoverboard like a Go-Kart. So cool and fun!

Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs


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