“One ride on it and pulling out the credit card will feel mighty tempting.” – Kevin Krause, phandroid.com

Here finally is a fun, low-cost alternative to the often cost-prohibitive Segway. The INMOTION SCV is easy to use and fast to learn for potential customers.

It could be just the new product you are looking for to boost sales.  Our outlets range from toy stores to power sports.  Where do you think it fits?

INMOTION SCV can be operated in a limited space so it be easily demonstrated to eager customers at recreation-oriented shows, fairs, the local swap meet, organized bike rides and running events, or anywhere else people gather for a good time.


Better still you can start your INMOTION reselling opportunity with as little as one sample. That’s more than enough to give the kind of personal one-to-one demonstrations that leads to excited INMOTION owners.

So becoming an INMOTION SCV distributor offers a great opportunity with a small initial capital outlay. Sound interesting? Give us a call at (310) 650-9375 today or email us at info@Magic-Inmotion.com while there are still reseller opportunities available in your area.