“I can envision collapsing the SCV, dropping it into my truck and taking it out when I’m ready to drive. The vehicle is rated at 3.5 hours of riding time per charge, which is enough for an afternoon in the park.”
– Lance Ulanoff, Mashable.com

“Ultimately, I had a good time on it, and I think that if you’ve considered getting one of these things in the past but were turned off by the price or the bulk, this is definitely something you should look into.”
– Brent Rose, Gizmodo.com

“What’s less than half the price of the Segway, about half the weight and comes with its own smartphone app? That would be the Inmotion SCV (sensor controlled vehicle), easily the most fun gadget we test drove at CES 2014. Seriously, once we started tooling around… we didn’t want to get off.”
– Mark Spoonauer, tomshardguide.com

“If you’ve always wanted a smaller, lighter and cheaper Segway, then you’re going to love Inmotion SCV… After trying it out, I think the Inmotion SCV is a winner.”
– Raymond Wong, dvice.com

“I was able to get up and ride the INMOTION SCV without any training and felt comfortable even without a helmet. One of the cooler parts though was that the INMOTION SCV told me when I was on the vehicle properly. When I got off the vehicle it also told me that I had gotten off correctly as well.”
– Kyle, techfaster.com

“The coolest feature of the app, however, might just be it’s ability to remotely summon the InMotion SCV to your current location or even have the vehicle trail you as you stroll along.”
– Kevin Krause, phandroid.com

“The Inmotion R1EX has a plucky attitude, a low-ish price tag, a packable form factor, and a desire to corner the personal transporter market.”
– Amanda Kooser, CNET