inmotion-scv-personalINMOTION SCV can be fun and business like too. It is ideal for moving at a quick pace down the sidewalk, up to nine miles per hour, but still gives you the assurance of easy maneuverability and quick stopping on a crowded street. Its self-balancing feature keeps you feeling comfortable throughout your journey, whether you are gliding down a beach path or up the street to visit with friends.

INMOTION SCV is wonderful for commuters especially for those who still have a distance to travel after they get off their bus or train. INMOTION’s lightweight design, easily removable steering post and built-in handle, make it easy to put in you car trunk for your ride to the station, carry and store on your train or bus —to be at your service to whisk you the remainder of your way to work or shopping.

It can also be a great way to get around a sprawling college campus, and still fit snugly into the limited living space of a dorm room.

You’ll also find INMOTION SCV is the perfect transportation for people of all ages. Kids and seniors alike take to the INMOTION SCV like ducks to water.

We have many users who, while they can still stand easily, don’t have the stamina or strength to walk long distances anymore, and yet INMOTION SCV gives them back the freedom to get out of the house and explore.

Click here for a more complete run-down of all of INMOTION SCV’s features.

But key among them at under $3,000, INMOTION SCV is far more economical than other personal transporters on the market. Seems like the right move for you? Purchase your INMOTION now by clicking here. Still have questions visit our FAQ page or call us at (844) 220-2144 for more information.

Our 100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

Not sure if INMOTION will be the right fit for you? We understand. Personal transporters are relatively new and somewhat of an adventure. Like you we want to make sure that the INMOTION SCV is the right transportation for you. So when you purchase your INMOTION we make you this offer: Try it out for 7 days. See how it functions on your terms. If you don’t love it, send it back for a full-refund.

We are so confident that you will like the way the INMOTION SCV performs, that if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will even pick up the return shipping. So you really have nothing to lose in choosing INMOTION SCV. Start your journey by clicking here to buy online.  Or give us a call at (844) 220-2144 , for more information on this remarkable way to get around.